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Please note the rules here before joing!

1. You need to have something that looks like this (this is not under an LJ cut)

Title of Fanfic:
Catergory: -Band, Movie, TV Show, Game ect-
Rating: G-for everyone-,PG-minor swearing-,PG-13-more swearing some violence,R-swearing, violence, some sex, NC-17-extreme sexual content-
Status: Complete-it's finished and that's it. Complete W/ Sequel-it's finished but you are working on a sequel. Not complete-you are still working on it. Hiatus-your still writing it but are stumped by writer's block or you don't have time to update it.

After you post that you post your story BEHIND AN LJ CUT. Sorry for the caps but I feel like that needed to be enforced.

2. Please don't flame anyone. If they are new to writing and you are a veteran writer offer them some help ! :) New writers can also talk to me -Kendra- as I am the MOD of this group.

3. Please don't type LYKD DIS. Or use wep speak like LOL. OMG I can sort of deal with but try to write it out. Ok? I hvae OMG in a few of my earlier fics to, but I plan on fixing it.


- I didn't make the icon I found it :)-

* Credit to admiral_sid