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Title: A New Beginning



Status:complete no sequel

Catergory:Musicians/Good Charlotte

Genre: Drama/Romance


Summary: Roxanne has had enough. She's ready for a new beginning

Disclaimer: I own no one here



Theme Song: Dare You To Move-Switchfoot

Starting A New Life

characters dont own anyone except carmen, angel, and roxanne/roxi

Mike Souza-20 roxis boyfriend in the beginning

Roxanne/Roxi Andreques-20 - the main character

Sora Anderson-20 Billy's girl

Carmen Portoly-21 Paul's girl

Paige Palmer-20 Benji's girl

Angel Andreques-22 Mike's girl

Kristina Costa-22 Aaron's girl

Aaron Esclopio-25 GC member(drums)

Paul Thomas-22 gc member(bass player)

Billy Martin-21 gc member(guitar)

Benji Madden-24 gc member(guitar backvocals)

Joel Madden-24 gc member (vocals)

(POOE- Person on Other End)

Roxanne's Pov

Picture my life ok? I'm 20 years old and in a fight with my boyfriend Mike, also 20 years old.

We've known eachother since high school sophomore year, and I've changed since then,

I've turned into a punk and he's all mad and shit. i use to be wicked quiet and stuff and not

open my now BIG mouth but now i do. Other changes is my hair, my once short aurburn

hair with blonde highlights is short and black with pink highlights like Benji Madden from

my now favorite band, Good Charlotte-it useda be Dream Street but forget them. I've

known both Benji and Joel Madden since i was 15 and thats when they were 19-they're

now 24.Anyways Mike is mad surprized about my change, the hair, tattoes,piercings(from 3

in each ear to 16 in each ear and many other places), and my style. oh bye the way the

names Roxanne Andreques, but all my friends call me Roxi, except Mike.

"Mike why the hell can't you except me?" I asked him.

"cuz your not the same girl anymore" he answered

"ya I am...... never mind forget you get the hell out of my life!" I yelled.

"Roxanne...." he started

"its Roxi now and later, if you had learned to accept me we'd still be together." I said back.

Mike was about to say something but I kicked HARD in the balls and when he yelled at me, i just flipped him off.

"get out of my house or else!" I yelled.

Mike knew better than to mess with me now, he knew wat i was capable of. Later that night I was listening to "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte, when the phone rang.

"wat up?" I asked to the POOE

"Hey Roxi, it's me Benji" Oh great my crush's twin brother calls me.

"oh Hey, I thought you were gonna be fat ass" I said.

"you mean Mike?" he asked.

"ya I do , he couldn't deal with the fact of my change and all, so i dumped him." I answered him.

"oh cool" he said casually.

"ya sooo, i know you got a girl, wat about Joel?" I asked and instanly regretted it.

"he's single, why dont u come over?" he asked me while laughing.

"ok ill be there in bout 10." i said and hung up the phone.

I live about 5 minutes away from the Madden twins in Washington D.C.

So after I proceeded to get dressed in a tattered black tank top(its August 22), black boy shorts, hightop sneakers, and a hat that I always wore backwards, I started to walk to Joel's and Benji's house.

When i got there and rang the doorbell Benji answered, dressed similar to me

minus the hat.When i went inside i saw Benji's twin brother,Joel laying on teh couch

watching T.V dressed like Benji only he had his made sweatshirt on and a hat on like me!

"hey Joel, Roxi's here" Benji said snickered

"oh cool" Joel said casually.

"hi Joel" i said, damn i could feel myself blushing.

"hey Roxi wanna come to the party with us?" Joel while looking at his feet.

"ya why not?" I said.

"ya know Roxi this new you is cool, I mean sure you were cool before but if you wanna change you can." Joel said randomly

"aw that was cute Joel" Benji said in a mommy type voice.

"thanks Joel and shut up Benji!" I said while I could feel myself turning pink, again.

"why should I?Its the truth he likes you hehe" Benji snickered.

"Shut the fuck up Benji!" Joel, also turning red now, said.

"wat for,its the truth, she likes you and you like her" Benji said.

"shut up Benji....wait you do?" we said/asked together.

"yep see i hooked ya up" Benji said, I think he was drunk.

"did not"Joel and I murmered.

Benji's pov

you should have seen the looks on their faces their eyes were like so BIG and they both were a bright shade of red!

all i could see was 2 pools of hazel Roxi's eyes and 2 pools of brown Joel's eyes,it was mad ass funny!

Roxi's pov

we still went to the party that night. Joel and I didn't talk much on the way up,we afraid that Benji who was driving

would turn around to bug us, he actually made us sit next to eachother in the backseat! He brought his girl,

Paige Palmer a friend of mine and she sat nest to him in the if he turned around he'd probaly crash.

Joel's pov

the party was mad cool though,although i couldn't get the courage to talk or even look at Roxi,its iight.

Damn you Benji,some twin! If he hadn't had said that ,maybe i would be able to talk to her!

Yeah,I've liked her for a while, I just told Benji like a few weeks ago when she was jerk-off boi,-Mike-,this is what i said and i quote

"Benj, I know Roxanne has Mike, but I like alot."that's wat i said.

Roxi's pov

On the way home I found myself dosing off in the backseat nest to Joel and eventually my head fell on his shoulder.

Leave me alone its one am how the hell was Benji,Paige,and Joel still up?

Benji's pov

when it was a red light i glanced behind me to see Roxi asleep with her head on Joel's

shoulder and him covering with his sweatshirt.Oh my god he lets no1 were that thing! but

my car was cold so and he likes her heh.

After i dropped Paige off, I turned around to ask Joel

"should we drop her off at home?"

"i think we should............." Joel's voice trailed off.

The Party Aftermath

Joel's POV

Benji had turned around after we dropped Paige off to ask me if we should drop Roxane off

at at her house. So i decided i better answer him seeing has he had asked the question 5

minutes ago.

no ones pov

"lets bring her over our house, it's only gonna be you, paul, billy, and me" Joel told Benji.

Benji answered him with an evil look on his face, "iight Joel whatever you say, your the

older bro......."wat the fuck is your problem?" Joel asked Benji. "Oh nothing......." Benji

answered with a smirk on his face. "no im serious " Joel said to Benji. "so am I and lets go

inside cuz we are home" Benji said to his older twin brother. "ok ok ok" Joel ressponded

Benji's POV

I walked inside of my house first, Joel was right behind me carring Roxi in his arms and i

saw that Paul and Billy were already here, squabling over a video game as usual.

no ones pov

"ahem care to be sent to preschool or are u gonna grow up? Benji asked in an annoyed

voice(a/nsorry sora i couldnt resist lol)

"no way in hell" paul said "he started it, he beat me....." Billy whined " I did not start it and

its a damned game"Paul said aggrevated. "did to" Billy said back "BOTH OF YOU that is

so 3rd grade and how old are you two?" Benji half-screamed


Joel also yelled " Oh yea and he yelled at us?'Paul whispered to Billy. "I heard that Paul!"

Joel excailmed " by the way Joel didn't know you had a girlfriend!"everyone except Joel

said. "I do not!" Joel whined "ok lets not start this again, lets go to BED!"Benji siad very

sleppishly. "allright night everyone" everyone said(cept Roxi)

Roxi's POV

when i woke i saw to my surprize not bedroom filled with pictures of my favorite bands, but

the members of Good Charlotte all around me! Billy was sleeping curled up in a chair with

a video game that was on in front of him. Paul was asleep on the floor with a book open on

his face. Benji was asleep on the small couch under the clock which currently read 9:13 A.M.

wait a minute 913 AM! i slept over wait were am I?last thing i remember is that party

.............. i saw two clues that led me into knowing were i was, one was Cashdog who was

sleeping beside Benji only on the floor, two was the pictures on the wall were of, Joel and

Benji when they were younger, i was in the Madden house! Then wait were the fuck was

Joel? For the first time i noticed someone laying next to me on the bigger couch. My face

turned a light shade of pink and i turned around and sure enough, Joel was lying there fast

asleep.Damn at this hour? How did i get here? i asked accidently out loud, this woke upe

Billy who was across from me.

no ones POV

"What time is it?"Billy asked kinda half-asleep "9:20 A.M" Roxi answered "damn.. my neck

hurts" Billy said "Mine would to if i had slept in a fucking chair!" Roxi giggled "yo shut up

over there im trying to read this here book" Paul said "How the fuck can you read it when

its on your face?" Billy questioned Paul " huh, oh wat time is it?" a very confused Paul

asked "9:22 A.M""are you fucking serious?" Paul asked with a very mad face on "yep" Roxi

answered -8 mins. later- All the conversation has woken Benji up who is very mad for being

woken up at 9:30 am. "What the fuck is all of your problems?" Benji asked in a very

grumpy tone "gawd Benji don't be so fucking mad we didnt mean it" " i can do watever i

want i am the second oldest" Benji replied in a know-it-all tone(a/ni hadda lol!) " ya your

point?" paul asked in a wise ass tone

Now Joel was slowly waking up "no but i am and its our house"

Joel said in an angry tone." iight geez Joel" Paul said while backing off "well thats wat you

get for waking me up at 9:30 am!" Joel snapped. "Thats right Joel show Roxi how you are"

Benji snapped back "what the fuck are you talking about Benji? Joel snapped at his twin "

gawd Joel how much did you drink last night?"(a/n i love Joel dearly-hes my fav member of

gc lol- but he's 24 and hes gonna party)Benji asked "i dunno but i wanna go to another

party, no not to drink either i wanna PARTYYY!"Joel said in a hyper voice" alright theres

another party goingon tonite same place wanan go, we can bring the girls and Aaron to"

Billy said.

Billy's POV

at the party which was from 7 pm - 230 am, we were having a blast! and there was liquor

but Joel hadn't touched any yet he was pacing around outside in the back. anyways Paul

and I were gabbbing with Carmen and Sora, our girls, Carmen was Paul's girlfriend and

Sora was mine, Benji was with Paige in one of the backrooms somewhere(a/n i dunno Benji

just seems wild enough to do that), Aaron was with Kristina, his girlfriend making-out of

coarse lol thats Aaron for ya!(a/n i dont know Aaron i nevver met him but thats ok) and

Roxi( we had heard enough about her from Joel and Benji-Joel especially)was talking with

some gril taht looked a lil like her.

Roxi's POV

i was now talking to my older sister, Angel-i never told anyone about her cuz shes way to

much of a prep-, so when anyone asked why we resembled eachother and why both are

last names are Andreques, i just shrugged., i just tried not be related to her at times.

correction on that not at times, ALLL THE TIME!

no ones POV

bye this time Aaron and Kristina were back to breathing, Paul and Billy were laughing,

Benji appeared outta no where with his girl who started chatting with Carmen, Sora and

Kristina, -both Paige and Benji were a sweaty mess- and Joel was still pacing. anyways

back to Roxane and Angel.

"like oh my gawd Roxane, i got a new boyfriend"Angel blurted out-what a prep-

"Yea really who?" Roxi answered while rolling her eyes"your ex Mike Souza" Angel

answered with a sprkle in her eyes "are you fucking serious!?" Roxi asked with anger in her

voice "yea i am why?,like here he comes now!"Angel said happily "hi Angel , hi Roxane"

Mike said coming over."i'm gonna get home i gotta work tommorrow" Angel said "ok babe

i'll be with you in a few minutes i wanna talk to Roxane for a moment" Mike said with a face

that made me sick to my stomach on. "ok" Angel responded (they kissed eachother can

you say gross?????!!!!!!)

Roxi's POV

"what the fuck you want Mike?" i asked him with fire in my eyes "oh nothing just wondering

what a pretty girl like you is doing in a run down palce like this" Mike said back to me

flirtatiously "stop flirting, your with my sister now" I answered him back "ooh Angel is your

sister, thats a new your sisters with a total prep and your a punk but wait you useda be a

prep to" Mike said "yes Mike Angel is my sister, unfortunately" I said to him back with more

anger but a hint of fear i could smell alchol on his breath not a good thing he was

dangerous when he was drunk. " why dson't you come with me?" Mike asked drunkily "no

way!" i screamed. Before i could punch him, kick him,or scream he picked me up and

carried me outta the place where the party was being held.

Joel's POV (same events has above)

I finally came inside and met up with the rest of our group minus Roxi. I was quite amazed

with myself it was around 10 pm and i still hadn't drank anything yet! That's when I saw

Roxi getting picked up by Mike . i glanced over at Paul, Billy, Aaron, and Benji thy saw to.

After Aaron explained to the girls to head towards mine and Benji's house, the five of u

started to chase after Mike and I was in the lead......

Fight For Your Life

Joel's POV

we were now in hot pursuit of that fat ass jerk! I was running as fast as my legs let me go.

Benji's POV

I was right behind Joel, I looked over my shoulder and saw that Billy was right in back of

me, Paul was right in back of him and Aaron was dead last. I've never seen Joel like this

though, not for a girl. Finally i saw Mike shoot down down one of the allies and Joel-after

he put on the brakes a little bit- went right down after him, and then we did.

Roxi's POV

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get free of his grip.When he finally put me down, I

thought i could escape but i was wrong. Mike was now moving in on me,altough im a punk

i do have a soft and i am scared! just when Mike was about a few away from me ashadowy

figure a little taller than Mike turned Mike around and socked him one in the face. About

two minutes later, four more figures appeared and one of them has a flashlight. The light

from the flashlight aluminated teh 4 guys first it as Paul, Billy, Benji and Aaron, Aaron was

the one with the flashlight. Then teh light aluminated Mike flat on face on the ground and

above him stood-Joel breathing hard from running.Then Mike got up and aimed a punch at

Joel's face but Mike was drunk and obviously Joel wasn't so Joel dodged it and punched

Mike hard in the face followed by a punch in stomach and a kick in the balls. Mike dropped

down to teh ground, but he also tried to say something but Joel held his fist up to Mike's


no ones POV

"listen you, i catch u bothering her again you'll get twice as hard has that understand?"

Joel said with a hint of anger in his voice "you can't stop me, shes my girlfriend"mike said

outt breath cuz hes so fat!

Roxi's POV

Before I could protest, Joel spoke up again.

no ones POV

"not what i hear ain't that right Benji?" Joel asked his twin." yup i called her last night and

she said she dumped u!"Benji said while watching mike's reaction." Roxanne, you'e such a

slut!" Mike yeleld

POW-Joel cracked him hard in teh face- "are you fucking dumb?,didn't i just tell you shut

up?" Joel asked fatso not for the first time. "ya well i can call my three buddies and they'll

whip ur ass!" Mike siad so sure of himself "oh is that so well he has five friends including

Roxi over who can surely whip urs and ur buddies asses." Billy said coming outta the

shadows. " were dat faggot come from?" Mike asked in a confused manner is it hi sfault he

as low I.Q? yes. " number one he aint no faggot and number two he came from his mom

and dad" Paul said defendign Billy for once instead of fighting with him or chasing him

around teh room so they can sit next to eachother-in ur face sora lol u better not of put it in

ch 12- "GO PAUL!" Aaron screamed. "Now Mr. Fat ass, care to mess with us or do you

prefer me throwing you into a trashcan and kicking down the hill over there? Benji asked

now revealing the last person on Joel's side.

Joel's POV

Miek chickened out out and ran off. At that point, I wipped my face from the sweat and ran

over to Roxi to make sure she was ok.

no1s POV

" are you ok Roxi?" Joel asked with a look of concern on his face "ya i am thanks to you."

Roxi answered back.

Joel's POV

she leaned up and kissed meon the cheek quick. i knew i was bright red so i turned around

and glared at the other guys so they wouldnt say anything.

Roxi's POV

when i tried to stand up my knees gave out and i started to topple over but Joel had very

quick reflexes and he caught me then he lifted me up into his arms and turned to face the

other guys

no1s POV

"go get your cars and head towards my house ill meet u there" Joel said to teh other guys

"Joel you and i came here in the same bloody car, how the fuck are you gonna get home?

"Benji questioned his older twin " i'm gonna walk with Roxi and don't worry about me, i'll be

careful." Joel said to get the worried look off of Benji's face" iight Joel watever you say"

Aaron said "come Roxi"Joel said after they drove off "ok" Roxi answered him back

Roxi's POV

I was surprized to be walking,not side by side but hand in hand with Joel, I was also

surprized that he had put me down, and finally i was super surprized that Joel with thta big

mouth of his wasn't really saying much.I could so not believe this! ooops thats to preppy

for me! When we were about five minutes away from his house, Joel turned around and

faced me. you mean hes finally gonna say something?

no1s Pov

"Roxi theres something i hafta tell you............." Joel started with an uneasy tone in his


Roxis POV

before he got a chance to really say anything,Mike and one of his friends came from

behind and double teamed poor Joel.Mike's friend was a scrany shit though, meaning i

could take him on.I walked up to Mike's friend whos name was Tye,Tye Andreque -last

name stealer! altough mine is Andreques- and tapped him on teh shoulder.When he

turned around from punching Joel in the face to look at me, he got a punch in the face.

Joels POV

After I gave Mr. Fatso a good knee in the stomach my attention turned to back to Roxi, who

was taking on Mike's friend,. Before i could go over to help Roxi, fatso got back up and

started to run towards me. Two problems here if he landed on me that would be the end of

me, teh other problem? he had a damned knife!

Roxis POV

After giving Tye one last punch that made him fall flat on his face. I saw that Mike now had

Joel cornered with a knife and since Joel was wearing a short-sleeve t-shirt, i could see that

Mike had already gotten Joel once with it on his arm there was a slash mark tahtw as still

bleeding.So before Mike could do it aain, i wen tover to Mike and using my legs and my

knowledge from my karate classes,flipped him away from Joel. I hadda laugh at the

moment because Joel had a very strange look on his face.Then he walked over to Mike and

grabbed the kinfe outta Mike's hand.

no1s POV

"listen Mike, we are threw, Ifound someone who can love me for me i think, aand that is the

one you nearly killed,Joel!"Roxi said with a few tears trickling down her face.

Joels POV

My face must have been scarlet red and while i held the knife up to Mike's thoat, i uttered

teh words "Roxi, I have to tell you something" Joel's voice trailed of

Confessions To Be Made

Roxis POV

When Joel said those words i automaticaly wondered what it could be that he hadda tell

me. I saw Tye get up out of the corner of my eye so I kicked him back down.

Joels POV

I had that fat ass kid pinned down with his own knife up to his throat.

no1s POV

"How dumb are you, you fucking jerk-off?,How many times must i tell you to leave Roxi

alone? This is the second time we are meeting and it's the third I'm telling you! Back off!"

Joel said with anger in his voice." God you treat her like she's your girlfriend or something

and let me remind you buddy she's not!" Mike said with a "i rock" look on. " 1. im not your

buddy, wouldnt want to be! 2. She may not be my girlfriend but i wish she was and she is

my best friend. 3. I love her which is something you dont! Cause if you did you wouldnt

have almost rapped her when she was 19 after her mother died for Christs Sake!"Joel said

with more anger in voice and now on his face


Joels POV

I'm 22 years old chilling at a club with my boys Paul,Billy, Aaron, and my twin brother

Benji.We are celebrating Paul's 21st birthday at some club.Roxanne, the guys and I had

come here for mine and Benji's 21st birthday and I plan on bringing her here for her 21st

birthday which is two years away. speaking of Roxanne she should be here by now,by the

way shes my best friend not girlfriend i wish she was though but she has a boyfriend.Thats

when i saw her getting dragged into one of the rooms by her own boyfriend. What was he

up to? "Hey, guys i think i just saw Roxanne" I said to the other guys in my band" yep yep

go get her then" my twin brother Benji replied. "I plan on it" I said then took off fast. I

contiued to run until i saw Mike which is Roxanne's boyfriends name come out of one of the

rooms and say"I'll be right back whore" I was standing right by the stairs so i "accidently"

put my foot out and tripped him so his fat ass toppled down the stairs' Then i ran in to the

room where Roxanne was and i picked her up "Roxanne, are you ok?:" i asked with

concern in my voice "ya thanks Joel" she responded and then fainted. poor girl her clothes

were torn and she was about to go home to her step-dad her sister moved out before their

mom died me and Benj were the only 2 that knew about her sister. so i decided to pick her

and bring her home with me she could stay with us for a little while.

~End FlashBack~

no1s POV

"See what a memory i have fatty boy?"Joel questioned Mike. "By the way Roxi, i do love

you"Joel finshed while hanging his head down so Roxi couldnt tell that he was blushing.

But like he would put it he didnt give a damn cuz she hadda know, he just didnt want

anyone else to see. "Joel I ...." Roxi started but got stopped by Tye who had gotten back

up grabbed her.

Roxis POV

While Tye was holding me my hazel eyes met with Joel's brown eyes. I saw something i

never saw before in his eyes-pure hatred- though there was a little love there to but he

hated Tye and Mike and what they were doing to me i guess.

Joels POV

I picked fatso up somehow and shoved him into a nearby trashcan and did my twin had

threatened to do earlier,and I kicked it down the hill.Then i ran over were Roxi was and saw

a small red slit mark in her cheek.

Roxis POV

The Fire in Joel's eyes got worse so he grabbed the knife he was holding and slit both of

Tye's wrists so Tye let go of me, but Tye got Joel to in his right side. After Tye fell on his

side i stole a quick glance at Joel teh slash on his arm was still bleeding a little and now

his white t-shirt was getting a huge blood stain.

no1s POV

"Come on lets go, home is 5 minutes away" Joel said while offering Roxi his hand to hold.

Roxi took his hand and they started to walk

~5 mins Later~

Roxis POV

we arrived at Joel's house and i opened the door and.......

Pauls POV

i was sitting in the front room of Joel's and Benji's house everyone else was in the

entertainment room playing games. why wasnt i in there you ask im not one for video

games and iw as waiting for Joel and Roxi to get here. what surprised me is, that Benji was

in there to laughing and completely forgetting that his twin brother was out walking the

streets at 11:50 P.M. i know Joel's 24 he can handle himself but still if that was my twin id

be worried and i know Joel be worried if it was Benji out there specially after what

happened then again Benji isnt one to show feelings. thats when i saw the door open and

Roxi walk in with her cheek bleeding. "What the fuck happened to you Roxi?!" i half-asked

half-screamed at the same time. that brought everyone into the front room. "Mike and Tye

attacked us!" Roxi excalimed while crying im not sure but i dont think she was crying

because she was hurt i think she was crying because something realllly bad happened to

Joel. " I told you not to walk home but you didnt listen!" Aaron said trying to prove his point

sometimes i hated the way my third cousin acted! (a/n they look a lil alike so i made them

cousins) "never mind proving your point

Aaron! we have to help Roxi!" Sora yelled. " forgte me help Joel" Roxi said while holding a

tissue up to her cheek. i knew it something had happened to Joel. " were is my brother

anyways?" Benji said now starting to look worried as well. " i'm right here Benj.........." Joel

said then collasped. "Holy fucking shit Joel!" Benji screamed on the very top of his lungs,

than ran over ot Joel's side.

Benjis POV

Oh my god i could not believe this my twin brother had collasped right in the doorway. "

Can you tell us what happened Roxi?" i heard Billy ask. " yea, we were walking home when

Mike and his friend double teamed Joel. so i took Tye on and eventually knocked him

down. when i looked up again Mike had Joel corned with a kinfe and gave Joel that slash

on his arm. After i kicked Tye once more just incase, i looked over at Joel and Mike to see

that Joel had Mike pinned down with the knife now. Then there was alot of talking blah

blah and tehn Tye got up and grabbed me. that caused Joel to get a fire of pure hatred in

his eyes. So he threw Mike into a trashcan and kicked it down the hill...." at this point i just

had to interrupt "Go Joel!" i said proud that my idea had got used. " Anyways,,," Roxi

continued,"Joel went over to were Tye and I were, saw that i was bleeding and using Mike's

knife slit both of his wrists, which made Tye let go of me but Before Tye grabbed his wrists,

Tye got Joel to in his right side. then we came here and well you know the rest." Roxi

concluded. " Wow sounds like you to had some night.." Billy said to break the akward


Soras POV

all of a sudden there was a knock on the door. i glanced over at the clock it was 12

midnight now what normal person would be knocking at someones door at 12 am? i clung

onto Billy tight and saw Kristina hide in the corner cuz her boyfriend was getting up to

answer the door. i also saw Carmen hide behind Paul, Paige hide behind Benji and Roxi

kneel down beside Joel.

Aarons POV

When i got ot the door i opened it seeing four standing tehre one with slit wrists, one with a

knife around his neck- on a chain people-, one with a gun in his back pocket and one with

garbage in his hair. it was fatso and his gang! "PAUL, BILLY, BENJI WE GOT TROUBLE!" i

screamed at the top of my lungs.

Benjis POV

The three of us came running into the front room and then i saw them " You! Your the ones

responsibable for my twin fighting for his life! Your sooo fucking dead!" i yelled with anger

and sadness in my voice. "Benji. calm down." my girlfriend Paige tried to soothe me. " How

can I he's my family, my big brother, my twin." I said back to her.

Paiges POV

I looked deep into Benji's brown eyes, tears were welling up and he was soo broken down.

i had never seen him like this.

Roxis POV

Billy went up to Tom the one with teh knife necklace and just started to beat on him, Paul

did the same to Tim the one with teh gun, Aaron took on Tye i think we know who he is

leaving Benji of all people to go at Mike. like Joel while Benji was fighting there was a fire in

his eyes worse than Joel's, 10x worse in fact. then again Joel was fighting for his best

friend. Benji was fighting for Joel his identical twin, his own flesh and blood. It was almost

has Tye had stabbed Benji to and Benji was lying right next to Joel. i saw everything from

Billy getting flung and Paul double wammying Tim and Tom to Aaron getting knocked out

to Mike just missing Benji with the knife and then Mike getting knocked out has well. I

glanced away from it to look down at Joel. i wrapped his arm and side up but he looked

blah. His eyes were shut so i couldnt see the two gorgeous pools of brown, he looked paler

than pale. Thats when i noticed a shadow above me it was Mike and he went to grab me

and i knew that Joel wasnt here to save me this time.

Hold On

A/n PG stands for paramedic guy

Roxi’s POV

Mike went to grab me but he got blocked. I was surprised who could have blocked him? I

had my eyes closed but when I opened them I saw a figure in a blood stained white tee-

shirt in front of me. Oh my God it was Joel but how could he be up?

Joel’ POV same events as above

I don’t know why but my eyes just shot open and I saw Mike about to grab Roxi so I just

shot up and blocked him. I looked down to see my favorite white shirt blood stained. When

I looked behind I saw that Roxi was ok thank the good Lord in Heaven.

Roxi’s POV

Joel could barely stand on his feet and here he was ready to take Mike on? There is no

possible way in hell he could win not when he is this weak. " I thought I told you to leave

her alone?" I heard Joel’s voice say. "You can’t stop me your to weak" Mike laughed. " I can

try as hell can’t I because I love her" Joel said those last three words while looking right at

me. " Joel I lo.." I started to say but Mike cut me off, "Don’t say it you little whore".

Benji’s POV

At this point I had had enough, those two belonged together. So I grabbed the gun out of

Tim’s back pocket and aimed it at Mike’s head. "Go ahead Roxi say what you have to say" I

said while steadying my hand. "Oh My God Benji!!" Roxi screamed while covering her

mouth. Mike turned around to see the gun pointed at him so he gathered up his three

buddies and left. The last thing he said is " I’ll be back just you wait!". I answered him with

my middle finger. (get it people lol)

Joel’s POV

" You see Joel I love you to" Roxi said to me. My mouth dropped down to the floor I swear it

did. " you really mean it?" I managed to stutter out. She nodded her head yes, so I stepped

over to her and hugged her tightly. I put my mouth to her ear and whispered " Will you be

my girlfriend?" she whispered" Yes" back. I stepped back a bit and noticed our position my

arms around her waist her arms around my neck. I closed my eyes and I leaned in slowly

and our lips met. I melted right there on the spot and pulled her closer.

Roxi’s POV

Even though Mike and I had made-out before this was a more passionate kiss, and I’ll tell

you why, Mike was usually drunk and it wasn’t for love and this was for love. After we stood

there for an enternity we broke apart. Then Billy’s girlfriend, Sora stepped forward to say

something to us, " Congrads Roxi, Joel, you two are perfect for each other." " Thanks Sora"

I said while blushing. " Yah thanks….." Joel said as he fainted. " I got you Joel" Benji said

as he caught his twin in his arms. " Joel your going to be ok I promise" Benji whispered in

his twin’s ear.

Carmen’s POV

There was a knock on the door so I went to answer it. When I opened I saw Joel’s best

friend Misty standing there. " Hi Misty if you’re here to see Joel he’s kinda blacked out" I

said then covered my ears. "WHAT!!!?" Misty screamed. She ran into the room. "Well what

are you all standing around for he needs help now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Misty screamed. "Misy’s

right guys I’ll call for an ambulance, Roxi and Benji has Joel’s girlfriend and twinyou to have

to be strong for him" Paige said. Both Roxi and Benji looked at each other and nodded their


Paige’s POV

I went over to the phone and call 911. After explaining to the lady three times what the

situation wads she said an ambulance would be right over.

Roxi’s POV

About ten minuets after Paige got off the phone an ambulance arrived and the paramedics

came in and put Joel on a stretcher. "Ok two people may come with him, two close people

if possible" the pg said "I’ll go I’m his twin brotehr and she can come to she’s his fiance"

Benji said. "Ok then come on" the pg said. I know why Benji said that, he said I was Joel’s

fiance so I could go with him.

Benji’s POV

While we we’re in the ambulance the paramedic guy was asking us questions. " What are

all of your names and ages and date of birth?’’ the pg asked. Talk about a stupid question.

" His name is Joel Ryan Rueben Madden and mine is Benjamin Levi Madden, and we are

both 24 and we were born March 11, 1979" I said. " My name is Roxanne Colean

Andreques , I’m 20 years old and I was born Semptember 11, 1983." Roxi said to him. "

Known relatives?" he asked. " Yes but your not going tio bug any of mien I don’t need them

stressed out" I said firmly Josh, Sarah , and my mom didn’t need pressure in their lives. "

No my mom is dead, my dad is dead, my sister is in some unkonw location, and my step-

dad hates me" Roxi said the added, " These two are my family." I blushed lightly and I

know Joel would have to if he had heard that.

Roxi’s POV

We finally got to the hospital. The paramedics brought Joel to a room while Benji and I

waited in the waiting room for the others to show up. I looked at Benji his brown eyes were

more cloudier than usual but I alos knew what he was thinking because I was thinking the

same thing " Joel you have to hold on!"

Making It Through Tough Times

a/n you may get annoyed cuz it keeps goign from Benji's POV to Roxi's POV but hey that aint my problem

Benji's POV

I couldn't believe it, my twin brother was in in critical condition in the room right above me

no fucking way. i looked down and saw my best friend sobbing into my chest i could only

wonder what she was thinking about. The weird thing is Joel and Roxi are like madly in love

now but when they first met in high school they hated eachother,and i really don't know

why. i'm glad things are cleared up though.

Roxi's POV

memories of my past are flooding through my head like the first time Joel and I shared a bed...

*Flash Back still Roxi's POV*

I'm sixteen years old an di can here my step-dad yelling and beating my mom downstairs. i

hide behind my eighteen year old sister, Angel knowing we would be next. i run over to

Angel's phone and dial my boyfriend Mike's number. we had just started to go out

reacently. i got the machine "Hi, i am at golf leave a message!". I signed and hung up. I

finally saw the window. i go over to it and open it. "Roxanne, were are you going?" Angel

asks me. "Somewhere safe Angel" I respond back and jump out right into the pouring rain.

the damn garage is locked so i began to run. my step-dad is chasing me and i know it. i

finally reach the house where two twenty-year old twins lived. I'm almost there almost at the

front door. My step-dad is right on my tail. All of a sudden the door flings open, and i see a

face of a boy with dark hair chocolate brown eyes and four piercings glittering on his face

and ears. I saw the face of my first frien dout of the two Madden twins, Benji. "Roxanne

you're drenched in ya go" he said picking me up and putting me inside. My dad was about

to come in, but he got grabbed. i see the cops which are right next door to the twin's house

and a boy indetical to Benji except there were no glittering piercings on his face or in his

ears. the cops took my dad away and Joel picked me up. Benji said goodnight and headed

off to his room to be with his girlfriend Paige. Joel carried me to his room, threw me a shirt

of his at me and pointed towards teh door saying" change"I came back out of the bathroom

and Joel was already in bed, i snuggled up to him and he threw on arm over me and gave

me a little squeeze. with that i signed and fell asleep.

~end flashback~

still Roxi's POV

I felt something shaking me and saying "Roxi, Roxi, ROXI!" I opened my eyes and there

was Benji standing over me. I remembered that Joel was still unconsious and jumped into

Benji's arms. he squeezed me and kissed the top of my head. then a doctor that was

working on Joel called us "Benjamin Madden?""Iight here" Benji replied. "

RoxanneAndreques?" "iight here" i said." you may see Joel Madden now" he said.

Benji's POV

thats all he had to say was those six words, and i was off like a jet Roxi on my tail. when we

go tot my brother's room. "Joel..?" i called out him "ya Benj?" he answered weakly"Oh

Thank God you are alright" I mutter. Normally Joel would have protested but for on ehe

was to weak and for two this bastard doctor comes in and says"You two must leavy now!"

"He's my boyfriend" Roxi screamed

"and i'm his twin brother!" i screamed. then i hear, "Roxi, Benji, don't leave me," escaped

Joel's lips as my eyes flared

We Had A Vistor

A New Beginning Chapter 7

We Had A Visitor

ooooh that title sounds scary doesn't it well read on....minor sexual content ehehehhe.....yes ill use the real words if ya kno what i mean..

Benji's POV

When Joel said those words they sunk in deep and I mean deep. so i juts stared at that

doctor before i raised my fist and punched him out.

Roxi's POV

When that asshole started to get back up, i kicked him right in the nuts, and well that made

him wonce in pain....thats when Joel started ot speak up,"Guys, didn't have to do that"

Joel's voice was weak and  very quiet. i went over to where they had chairs and

pulled one over to Joel's bed, Benji followed suit. i kissed Joel on the forehead and

whispered"i love you Joel" in his ear. he smiled and whispered "i love you to Roxi"."Joel can

i ask you soemthing?" I asked him. "Yea of coarse" he answered. "I don't anan go back to

my step-dad can i please live with you and Benji?" i pleaded, Joel smiled Benji smiled and

they both said at teh same tim"Yes" About an hour later the doctor said that Joel could go

home. everyone was all exictied and what not.

3 hours later Joel's POV

Roxi and I were hanging out in my bedroom. "So what do you wanna do?" Roxi asked out

of no where. "I don't care as long as it makes you happy" I said while gazing deep into her

eyes. we acted different now that we were boyfriend and girlfriend a duh. " Joel you are

suck a sweetie" she says to me. " I am not" i protest. "You are to" she fights back. "Am not"

"Are to" Am not" "Are to""Am not"

Roxi's POV

i was just about to are to again, when Joel interupted me by shoving hi stongue in my

mouth. i was taken aback but i did it back. You see Joel is usually shy boy when it comes

to girls and well elts just Benji is the total opposite- i'd rather not go into details with what

he does-. this is only Joel when he is drunk. And let me tell you he isnt drunk. anyways ill

let you people fidn out what happens.

Joel's POV

Ok here i am on top of her making-out with her like crazy. what persuaded me to do this, i

have no clue. i just love her, i guess thats the reason. Our tongues were mingalling and our

hands were roaming. finally we broke apart, i have never in my life kissed a girl that deep

that passionate before, i was out of breath. despite that i leaned to kiss her again.

Roxi's POV

Joel's hand was slowly pulling my sweatpants off of my body. I was stunned but finally i

regained my self and fiddled with his belt buckle. After i get that done and slide his jeans

off-after i undid the button and zipper a duh-.both of our undergarments were removed

followed by our shirts, his beater and my bra. He pulled theblankets over us and he slid his

dick into my pussy and neitehr of were virgins any longer. Our eyes had pain in them but i

looked into his eyes, there was lust in them as well. ~about five minutes later~ "Oh my God

Joel... harder" i moanedabout to orgasm, he to was at his climax. "oh damn..this feels sooo

oooh gooooood" he moaned. That brought me over the edge and he followed soon after.

Joel's POV

we were cuddled under the blankets when all of a sudden i noticed we had a visitor.

Always There

a/n only one more chapter after this and no im not writing a sequel so tehre *sticks tongue out playfully*

Joel's POV

I felt Roxi cuddle closer to me, scared thinking it was Mike or something. when my eyes

adjusted to the light you'll never believe who i saw standing there. "What teh hell are you

doing in here?" Benji asked. "We were havign sex dildong, nothing you havn't seen or done

before!" i told him. " yea well i got it all on tape"Benji said then added "Joely woely isnt a

innocent lil virgin any more" he added on in a little mommy voice. i stuck my middle finger

up at him "You dildong, want wanted to get horny so you taped free porn? how'd you get in

my room anyways?" I questioned my twin. "Number one i'm not a dildogn just cuz i have a

dick, numebr 2 you're the one who sucked on one when you were tweleve" Benji contiued

but got interupted by Roxi "Didn't know you did that Joel" she snickered. I shot Benji a

glare and said " I did not" "Did to it was out of a dare, by me" Benji contuied rambling on

man this kid talked to much. "And number three, you left you're door open ding-pot, so i

snuck in" Benji said whiel smiling. I through my clothes on and so did "I 'll show you DING

-POT GET BACK HERE!!" I bellowed chasing my twin.

Roxi's POV

Joel finally caugth Benji and playfully wrestled him to teh ground.

Thbe started rollign around like two years olds, typical twins. Thank God we were home

alone, i didn't exactly want the whoel house to see me lose my virginity to Joel, and

knowing Benji he would have let everyone in. All of a sudden my cell rings " Hi" i say into it.

"Hi baby guess where i am?" I heard Mike's voice say over the phone. "Do i wanna know?" I

aksed with sarcasm in my voice. "I'm right behind you" Mike said. As he said that i turned

around and sure enough there he was. I screamed out and it took less than a minute for

Joel to get up and sneak behind Mike and POW. Joel hit him over the head with a baseball

bat. Benji then picked him and stuffed his fat ass through the window so he landed in the

dumpster. Benji then headed outside and Joel and I peaked out. Benji had thrown him into

a trashcan and used his own idea!! He kicked it down the steepest hil you can find in

Waldorf and it led to traffic. "I'm back" Benji said with a truiphant smile on. "Thanks guys" i

breathed in relief. "No prob, I'm you best friend i'll always have your back" Benji said while

smiling. Joel pulled em to face him, " and I'm you boyfriend now, so no matter what I'm

always going to be right here for you" Joel said then pulled me in to a long and passionate

kiss. "EHM EHM, LIL BENJI IS STILL IN THE ROOM HERE!. " Then Leave Joel said then

contiued to kiss me. "Somethings will never change" Benji muttered under his breath.

In The End

a/n oh yea this is the lats chapter of this shitty story and im not writing a damn sequel either

2 years later Roxi's POV

Wow a lot has happened in the past 2 years. Angel, my sister and Mike were engaged but

they were in a bad plane accident and she ended up with amnesia and doesnt remember

him. Sora and Billy are married and expecting a child but they dont know the gender yet,

Paige and Benji are married with a baby boy, Paul and Carmen are married and thinking

about starting a family,

Aaron and Kristina are married with a baby girl, and Joel and I? well we are walking right

now. Oh by the way my step dad is dead!!! He died of alchol over dose thank heavens that

bastard deserved to go to hell. "Oh Joel this is soo beautiful" I say while looking at him in

awe. "Anything for my baby" Joel says looking down at me. He was about to kiss me when

he starts to reach for his gun. This scared me was he going to shoot me? "She's my baby" i

hear i drunken voice say. "No she isn't just cuz you lost Angel? She's not yours she's mine

"Joel hissed while aiming the gun. "You're a little whoss you won't pull it you know it and I

know it"Mike said drunkly. "Wanan Bet?" Joel said angrily. "Ya..." Mike said. "Fine" Joel

said and pulled the trigger. "He'll never find out if he was right" Joel snickered. "He wont be

bothering you anymore" Joel said whiel embracing me. Then he backed away and knelt

down "Roxanne Andreques will you please give me your hand in marriage?"he asked with

sincerity in his eyes. "Oh my Joel yes, ys i will" i scream and when he gets up i hug him

and we kiss passionately.

1 year later at the Wedding

Roxi's pov still

Joel and Roxanne were standing at the alter, Benji was best man and Sora was the bride's

made. the ring boy was Roxi's little cousin John (a/n lol i really do have a cousin named

John hes a pain tho) and the flower girl was Joel's niece and his brother Josh's daughter,

Erica. Anyways the minister is about to speak. "Do you Joel Madden take Roxanne to be

your wife...." "I Do" "And do you Roxanne Andreques take Joel to be your husband..." " I

Do" "Now that the final vowes are set you may now kiss the bride" *Joel leans in and kisses

her passionately and Benji cheers* Well people my old and crappy life as came to a close

and now a new chapter is about to start, Joel is my husband now and Benji is my brotehr-

in-law and Sora is my sister-in-law (imagine that Sora). My life started out crappy but in the

end all that crappy stuff doesnt matter anymore.

~The End~Forever~

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