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Title: Escape



Status:complete with sequel

Catergory:Musicians/Simple Plan

Genre: Drama


Summary: Her life is going down the drain until she meets him

Disclaimer: I own no one here


Theme Song: Everything Burns-Anastacia/Ben Moody

ok let me explain this in the beginning shes having a dream and then she tells you her story ok? ok i dont own anybody in this story except Kendra is me and Carl is my creation none of this happened. oh yea "blah" some one talking 'blah' someone thinking

"Get away from me!" the fourteen year old girl screamed , as a bunch of kids ran after her. "No Kendra we're not going to leave you alone, not now, not ever!" the many teenagers yelled after her. "AAAHHH!" eighteen year old Kendra screamed.

Kendra's POV

It was that dream again. I rubbed my head slightly then looked at my clock, 8:00 A.M. Please tell me that today was Saturday, one of my days off. Oh yeah my name is Kendra Stuart, I'm eighteen years old,i have long brown hair and hazel eyes and i work at the mall in the lovely city of Montreal,Canada. I decided to go outside to see if it was actually comfrontable outside. Yesterday the temperture was around -10*F at nine a.m. So you can probally imagine what the temperture was as the day progressed. Even worse i had to work yesterday. Well anyways as i walked outside my door, I saw my old "friends". "oh geez" i mumble under my breath before picking up my pace to a run. I kept on running until i ended up at an extremely high fence. there was no way i could climb that not in the limited time i had. They all had me corned when i heard a boy's voice say"Why don't you kids leave her alnoe, don't you know that about twenty on one isn't fair?" he said. i looked up there stood a boy who was

about nineteen, twenty years old had dark messy hair that russled in the wind , was wearing faded jeans, a t-shirt, a black leather jacket and well sunglasses. "What are you gonna do about it? you tall,lanky thing you" Carl, the gang leader said. "Hmmmm, let's see seeing as you all appear to be her age maybe a little older and you have alchol, cigarettes, and drugs and my dad is a cop and i just so happen to have my cell phone on me..." the boy trailed off. The whole gang took off and the boy came over to my side. "You allright?'' he asked, while removing his sunglasses to reveal his beautiful brown eyes. "Ya i'm fine i'm Kendra Stuart and I'm eighteen." I said while extending my hand. He took my hand and shook it "Pleasure to meet you Kendra my name is David, and i'm nineteen years old."he said then started to walk off. "Wait a second, how will I find you again?" I asked him. "You will don't worry, more like i'll find you" He said then walked off.

~one year later~

"Damn I'm going to be late for work!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.While i was running guess who i saw? You guessed it Carl "Not now Carl, i'm kind of running late for work." i said trying to push pass him.Carl was about to say something when he got interuppted. "Carl Lans, just what do you think you are doing?" A man in about his thirties and obviously a police officer asked. "Officer Desrosiers so nice to aaa seee you" Carl stuttered. "Flattery will not work Mr. Lans, now what to do with you, seeing as that is weed in that plastic bag in your hands and you seem to be bothering this lovely young lady here" Officer Desrosiers said. Just as the officer was about to make his descion a boy pipped in" Throw the book at him dad" Then the boy jumped down. "You!" Carl yelled while pointing "Me" the boy said taking his sunglasses off. "David, do you know this boy?" the officer asked. "Yea dad i do i caught him a year ago bothering lovely Kendra here" David said, then he turned his head

to Carl first saying"Told ya my dad was a cop" then he turned his head to Kendra saying "Told ya i would be the one who found you" David said while laughing. His father was cuffing Carl and putting him inside the car. "David i'm leaving your mother's car keys with you, make sure you pick up her car and then her starting at 2 P.M understand me young man?"Officer Desrosiers asked his son. "Yes dad" David said then his dad drove off. "Come on Kendraa i'll take you to my house" he said then took my hand. Once we arrived at his house we went upstairs to his room and sat on his bed."So that was your dad huh?" I asked him."Hmmm oh yea that was my dad" David said while tossling his hair. ' Damn he's soo fine, hes got a nice body to now that i see him without the jacket, but why does he keep staring at me' i thought/wondered to myself.

David's POV

' She's so hot, but she probaly has a boyfriend, then again it doesn't seem like many people like her why i don't know maybe i should find out' I ran my descion through my head before finaly comming up with the final descion. "Kendra?" I asked. "Hmmmm?" she said while gazing up into my eyes. "Why were Carl and all those kids bothering you a year ago and why was Carl bothering you today?" I asked, hoping i wouldn't get a slap across the face like i did the last time i asked my previous girlfriend about her past. I didn't get slapped phsyically, but i sure as hell did emotionally. The look in her eyes when she looked up at me almost brought me to tears. "Well you see i use to be a part of their "gang" when i was thirteen. I could get them all the drugs, alchol, and cigarettes they wanted thanks to my older brother.When i was fourteen my brother died in a car crash , and they blamed me for it even though it wasn't my fault. So ever since then they've chased me demanding i re-join since

i left when my brother died. And i've always refused, the last time i did though Carl raped me" she said then collasped into my arms crying. I kissed the top of her head lightly. At this point she pulled my head down so that my mouth was on hers. She forced her tongue into my mouth and i knew right then and there i loved her that i needed to be with her and that she needed to be with me. After making-out for about 5 minutes, we broke apart. "Why did you do that?" i breathed heavily. "I only do that when i trust someone and to trust soeone in my opinion you have to love them and i love you" she siad breathing heavy to. I smiled and kissed her again. I glanced at the clock it was 12:30 i still had time to "play"

Kendra's POV

We were under the blankets slowly making love to eachother(hey what can I say we're fast)'neither of us was a virgin i unfortunatly lost that to Carl when he raped me and he lost his to his previous girlfriend, all of this doesn't seem right though but whatever' I was brought out of my thoughts by David screaming. "Oh My God its 2:05 i have to get my moms car and then pick her up.!! "Ahhhhh" he screamed running around getting dressed. Finally, we were behind the wheel of is mom's car, well he was. When we got to the school is mother stood there tapping her foot. "David Desrosiers!! where were you and who is this lovely young lady?" Mrs. Desrosiers asked. "Sorry mom lost track of time and this is my girlfriend Kendra" David said while he had his fingers crossed. "Pleasure to meet you Kendra" she said while extending her hand 'just like when David and i first met' i thought while shakign her hand.

one year later

David and I are married now expecting a child. Carl was sentenced to life in prison for harassment, drug usage and rape. David is still always helpful to me but hes not now stranger anymore. What's more he's famous. He plays bass guitar in a band called Simple Plan. So that helps a lot it just goes to show you anything is possible, i mean who would have thought that me former bad girl Kendra Stuart would be married to a celebirty. just then the phone rings, i let the answering machine pick it up since David isn't home he's out practicing. "Hi this Kendra and David Desrosiers, we can't take your call right now though its important so leave a very detailed message and we'll get back to you bye" ~Beep~ "Hey babe, just telling you to go to the door ok bye" That was odd but nether the less i got up and went to the door. There stood David with a bouquet of roses for me. I flung my arms around him. "Oh David i love you" i said with my head burried into his chest. "I love you to Kendra" he

said then pulled me into our room. He changed into his pajamas and told me to get into bed with him. I crawled in next to him and clicked the light off. He wrapped his arms fully around me and we muttered our goodnights, love yous, and see you in the mornings. Then we drifted off to sleep knowing we would always have eachother's backs.


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