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Title: An Unperfect World


Chapters: 3

Status: hiatus


Genre: Drama


Summary: Sort Of Like Brat Camp. Look At the characters descriptions for their problems.

Disclaimer: I own no one here


> Jules Barrette - Sex addiction and Drug use
> Pierre Bouvier - Too much fighting and Speed use.
> Chuck Comeau - Anti-socialism suspected drug use
> drinking problem
> David Desrosiers - Anorexia , and Dyslexia.
> Seb Lefebvre - Bi-sexual actions, drinking.
> Amy Lee - Drug use and sudden grade drop
> Anthony Lovato-bi sexual and incest problems
> Benji Madden - Drinking Problem and Gang related
> actions to cover up his depression after watching
> his
> younger sibling...and twin Joel
> Joel Madden - Suspected sexual abuse by teacher has
> problem being with Male councilors and Drug use,
> Drinking problem, three suicide attempts, one by
> ODing, and two by cutting.
> Billy Martin - Bulimia, cutting, anger towards his
> adopted sister Katie.
> Katie Martin - Depression, Sexual abuse by old
> foster
> parents, bad relation's towards Billy Martin, five
> attempted suicide attempts, three by OD'ing, one by
> cutting, one by drowning.
> James Phelps - Fighting and smoking
> Oliver Phelps - Drinking and drugs
> Roxanne Scott - Cutting
> Jeff Stinco - Being a Run away, rebellion against
> his
> family
> Patrick Stump-outcast attemped suicide once
> Paul Thomas - picking fights in class, sexual
> addiction, Pot use and assault kids in school.
> Pete Wentz-drug use attemped murder on his best
> friend
> Lexi Wenston - Sex for money and punching her mother
> Carina Zander - Being to much for her parents to
> handle
> --------
> Love triangles
> 1) Paul/Rox/Patrick
> 2) Benji/Amy/Oliver> 3) Pierre/Katie/Joel
> ----------------chapter one - Introduction -
> -----------------
> "Let keep going...we're almost there." A red headed
> woman named Emma called out to the kids in her group
> as they hiked in the woods making their way back to
> school since they have been on the hike for two days
> now. It was their group therapy type thing.
> "I haven't taken a shower in two days!" A girl named
> Roxanne said as she stumbled over a rock her hands
> on
> the straps of her backpack that was loaded with her
> tent and camping stuff in it.
> "Please princess, if you complain one more
> time...this
> morning it was that food didn't taste right.." A boy
> named Benji said as he walked past her. Roxanne and
> Benji didnt get along good, it could be since
> Roxanne
> was rich and he wasn't.... but never the less they
> didn't get along.
> Emma turned around and looked at Benji and Roxanne,
> "Hey you two dont start again, we are almost
> home....lets go." She said walking back in between
> the
> two kids as the rest of their group followed.
> A boy named Seb walked up to Roxanne and smiled, "It
> did taste funky," He said as Rox giggled, "It did i
> mean it Rox, It tasted like... well burnt." Seb said
> as Rox looked over at him.
> Rox grinned at her best friend in the whole school,
> "You know.... I think Benji likes me." She said to
> him
> looking at Benji who was now way ahead of her and
> Seb.
> "He just picks on me cause he likes me." She said
> with
> a grin
> Seb shook his head knowing Rox had a crush on Benji
> from when she saw him, he had to admit he was cute.
> "Please Rox, all that boy has behind that smoke
> screen.... is more smoke. Plus he's way too out
> there
> for any girl.... stick to what you know.." Seb tried
> to warn her as they reached the campus.
> Rox just nodded her head and Seb walked off with the
> other boys to put their bags up. "Oh i need a hot
> shower and night in a real bed." A voice said behind
> Rox she knew who it was...Miss Jules, the pretty
> one.
> "Jules...shut up i didnt get to complain so you cant
> either.." She told Jules who rolled her eyes and
> handing her back pack to James, her close friend at
> the school the only one James really talked to was
> Jules.
> Jules just laughed, "Your just jealous..." She said
> mocking Rox
> "Really and why is that?" Rox asked rolling her eyes
> at Jules.
> "Cause, Rox, I'm have a Madden boy and your just
> drooling over one."
> Rox laughed out loud and looked over Jules'
> shoulder.
> "You mean your still fixed on you and Joel?" She
> asked
> spotting Joel just a few feet away.
> Jules shook her head, "I know he wants to be with
> me...its all out in the open when we are together...
> "
> Jules said with a grin her head definitely up in the
> clouds on this one.
> "You mean that Joel," Rox said pointing behind Jules
> who turned around quickly to see Joel sitting on the
> rock wall with the girl Jules' couldn't stand, Katie
> Martin. They were both smiling so something good was
> must have happened. "Dang.... it's that a kick in
> the
> ass.." Rox said then turned around and left Jules
> standing there.
> -----------------------Chapter 2
> ----------------------Been a while - Staind
> -------------
> Joel looked up and saw Jules standing there watching
> him. "grrrreat." He said drawing out what he said
> for
> a long time.
> "What.." Katie asked looking over to see Jules. "Oh
> boy, go on Joel your girl friend is waiting." She
> teased pushing him lightly on the back.
> Joel laughed and almost fell off the wall, "Shut the
> fuck up Kates," He said grabbing her arm lightly to
> keep his balance. He then let go of her arm. Katie
> was
> the only one he could really feel comfortable around
> and he didn't mind if she just touched him. If
> other
> people touched him he would tense up and freak out
> on
> them.
> Katie laughed as Joel almost fell off the wall, Joel
> was risking a lot just hanging out with her.
> One...him
> and Billy were really close and Billy hated Katie
> even
> if she was his adopted sister. He never talked to
> her
> or said anything but hurtful things to her, Pierre,
> who hated Joel with a passion and Katie was helping
> him with some of his subjects. Pierre had a fake ego
> that was too big for his own good. But Katie was
> trying to befriend him. Pierre seemed to like
> talking
> with Katie but hated seeing her with Joel.
> "Yo, Joel, Katie, time for Group, Trent is looking
> for
> you guys." Some one said from beside them they
> turned
> around to see Paul with his hands in his pockets.
> Paul
> kept to himself mostly, he did talk with Joel and
> Katie some but Pierre gave him hell everyday and
> that
> just made Paul want to keep quite more often.
> Katie smiled and jumped off the wall landing on her
> feet, she then dusted her pants off as Joel jumped
> down and did the same. He then started walking with
> Paul to the group room. Katie was about to start
> walking off right behind them when some one tapped
> her
> on the shoulder. She turned around and saw Benji,
> "Benji!" She said hugging him tightly as he did her.
> "Sup chick, we are back from the hell hike.." He
> said
> with a laugh as he let her go. "And boy was is
> hell..." He added nodding his head.
> "I'm glad your back Benji, Joel will be too,
> but....benji i need to tell you something very very
> important..." She said looking at Benji with a
> serious
> face.
> Benji got serious as well and looked at her with an
> arched eye brow. "What?" He asked wondering what she
> could have to tell him about this important.
> Katie took a deep breath and looked at him and said,
> " smell really bad right now." She said
> then smiled widely and tired not to laugh.
> "Fuck you!" He said laughing and shaking his head as
> she turned around to run off, he kicked her in the
> butt lightly as she ran off. "See ya at dinner.." He
> said as she turned around and smiled widely, "I'll
> be
> there!" She said then ran after Joel and Paul.
> Katie ran into the lodge and bumped right into
> Pierre.
> "Whoa slow down there bitch.." He said as he
> stumbled
> back some as did Katie.
> Katie rolled her eyes, "Well watch where I'm going
> next time cowboy..." She said as she went to walk
> off.
> He grabbed her arm and looked at her funny. She
> looked
> bat at him as he pulled her over to the side of the
> stair case out of sight from everyone.
> Pierre looked around to make sure no one was
> watching
> he then looked back at her and quickly pressed his
> lips on hers kissing her deeply and passionately.
> Katie returned his kiss as he ran his hands down her
> arms. Katie didn't want to but she pushed him away,
> "Wait....not in here.." She said turning her head
> and
> his lips met her cheek.
> Pierre pulled back slightly, "Why the hell not? I'm
> sick of all this hiding and sneaking around, we have
> been a couple for eight weeks and I'm getting sick
> of
> not being able to kiss you in public," He said a
> little upset
> "Pierre, its just, my friends and you don't always
> get
> along... and i don't want to start a fight." She
> said
> trying to explain as she ran her fingers in his
> hair,
> "Joel.... you mean me and Joel don't get along and
> you
> don't want me to fight Joel... Right?" Pierre asked
> bitterly always thinking something was going on with
> them too and he still did. "I still think you have
> something going on with him..." He said coldly.
> Katie shook her head, "If something was going on i
> would be with him right now.... but i'm not I'm with
> you.... your my boyfriend." She said to him as she
> felt bad about having feelings for Joel, but she
> really really liked Pierre.
> "Those are just words baby," He said letting go of
> her
> arms and taking a step back. "Cant prove it by
> me..."
> He said about to walk off. Katie felt like crying
> but
> she never did since had been to the school. she
> leaned against the wall and slid down the stair case
> and sat on the floor.
> "I wish you could believe me for once...." she said
> looking at her hands. Pierre stopped walking away
> and
> looked back at her, he sighed and kneeled down
> beside
> her, "Baby I do trust you.... It's him i don't
> trust."
> He said pushing some hair out of her face, "Come on,
> we have to do this group thing." He said pulling her
> to her feet giving her one more kiss before he
> walked
> out from behind the stairs Katie behind him.
> They Walked away from each other once they entered
> the
> group room. Joel looked up at Katie and smiled as
> she
> took a seat beside him. "Was Pierre bothering you?"
> Joel asked as Katie looked over at Pierre who sat in
> front of her in the circle they were having to sit
> in.
> Katie just shook her head and looked up as Trent
> walked in.
> ----------Chapter 3--------- Cold -
> Crossfade--------------------
> "Today in group, its about emotion's." Trent said as
> he stood in the middle of the group looking at all
> his
> students who had disgusted looks on their faces.
> Katie
> more then anyone, Katie never really laughed, talked
> or showed any kind of emotions to anyone, but to
> Joel
> and Pierre really.
> Trent looked at Pierre and tossed him a ball they
> was
> used for their therapy, who ever held the ball told
> how they were feeling and once they were done they
> would toss it to some one else then it was their
> turn.
> "Pierre... you first please." Trent said since he
> knew
> Pierre didn't care what he said it was mostly for
> shock value.
> "The Emotion i have been expressing more lately
> is..."
> Pierre started then looked at Joel and to Katie, he
> didn't know what he should say.
> He had feelings for Katie and she wouldn't drop her
> friendship. It was a dominate thing to Joel and
> Pierre....who owned the pack of kids. Pierre and
> Joel
> were what Trent called alfa-males or something like
> that.
> "Happiness and Jealously." he said saying the last
> part very, very, softly to where only he could hear
> it. He then tossed the ball to Paul who was shocked
> he
> got it next.
> " i have been expressing hate," He said
> talking about his recent fight with James Phelps.
> Trent just nodded and told Paul to toss the ball to
> some one. Paul then tossed it to Katie who caught it
> with ease.
> Katie just sat there and said nothing but toss the
> ball to Joel. She then got up and walked out of
> group
> and right out of the building and into the woods.
> She
> hated group and did that often.
> Trent was walking after Katie until he reached the
> woods and then turned to see Emma standing there.
> "Emma would you please go after Katie....i think she
> needs some one and she will just push me away."
> Trent
> asked as Emma just nodded and ran out into the
> woods.
> "Katie wait up." She yelled running beside her as
> Katie just kept walking faster into the woods. "Why
> are you running?" Emma asked getting right to the
> point.
> "I dont have to tell you anything," Katie snapped as
> she jumped over a log never looking at Emma.
> Emma sighed and kept up with Katie as best as she
> could, "Well it seems talking about it hasn't helped
> you much.." Emma tried not trying to make her mad
> put
> to prove a point.
> "Do you run my group?" Katie asked bitterly
> "I'm just visiting you.." Emma said shaking her
> head.
> By the rules to the school Katie didnt have to tell
> Emma any thing she only had to talk to Trent.
> "Really from what Planet?" Katie asked running back
> out of the woods to leave Emma alone. Katie ran up
> to
> her dorm and ran in and slammed the door shut as
> hard
> as she could and flopped down on her bed.
> ***************************** part 2
> ******************
> "Take a look at it," Trent said pulling Katie's file
> from his desk and handed it to Emma who sat on the
> edge of his desk. "Katie Martin's intake papers."
> Emma read over then and shook her head, "I have meet
> so hard Kids in my day...but Katie wow!" Emma said
> looking up at Trent who just nodded. "Just attempted
> suicide? That's it? And why hasn't she tried it here
> yet?"
> "Nah, Katie wont try it here....this is her safe
> place, she has been here for two years and every
> time
> i think I'm knocking down some of that wall....she
> just puts up more and more walls to keep me from
> finding out what's hurting her." Trent said "She has
> to tell me in her own time I'm afraid."
> "So what she walks around with this pain and you
> don't
> know what she will do next?" Emma asked arching an
> eye
> brow.


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