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Title:Evil Lurkes In Every Corner
Status:not complete
Catergory: Harry Potter
Theme Song:Whisper-Evanescence

Enjoy! Some spoilers from the books may appear later!


(for the sake of the story they are only one year apart -the twins and oliver- and percy is still in school :-)

"Fred, stop touching it! You know that the dark mark is a sacred mark linking all of the death eaters!" George Weasley scolded his younger 16 year old twin. "I have returned you two, have you done your missions?" "Fred did his, our parents are no more, I just have to get rid of Bill and Charlie. Did you get rid of YOUR parents Wood?" George asked the slightly older boy. "Of course, you know the rules, anyone that's close to us that we won't be seeing at Hogwarts, The Dark Lord wants eliminated tonight." Oliver said. " Well it is now midnight, September first the train leaves in exactly 11 hours, so George you better get a move on I can hear Bill and Charlie comming now" Fred said to his twin. With that being said George marched out wand raised and aimed it at his older brothers "Avada Kedavra!" In a flash of green light both of them were laying spread-eagled on the ground. George ran over to were his brother and partner stood. The twins grabbed onto Oliver and he apparated them to their bedroom then he disapparated to go home. The real fun would begin when they all arrived at Hogwarts later that day.

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Aww *sad* Fred and George are evil :(

But it looks really interesting so far. It has potential. Only thing I wold suggest, for the ease of the reader, is to start a new line whenever you have a new speaker.


George said "..........."

".........." Fred replied.

Get what I'm saying. Of course! Cuz you're good like that :D