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Title: Just for the Attention
Catergory: Panic! At The Disco
Summary: What if two simple girls with amazing talents were allowed a chance to be a part of the performers for Panic's tour? What's the consequences on their lives, and how could common fans change the lives of the bandmembers?
Chapter: Prologue
Chapter Summary: The fun starts...especially since there's wine involved
Rating: PG-13
Status: In Progress

A/n- This started out as a way to calm my muses. It's sort of a “what-if” scenario that my roommate and I thought of. More than likely it'll fall under the category of Mary-Sue, but I will try to avoid that as MUCH as possible, for example, these characters drink wine…we drink rum! It's just a way to get the thought out of my head, because…frankly even though I'm 21 my mum still gets furious when I live in my fantasies.
Reviews are loved upon, and fed.
The whole thing started out as a joke. After a late shift at the store, Danielle had found herself working off the buzz by surfing random internet sites with her roommate Nikol. It was about 2 a.m. when they found themselves on the DecayDance webpage, reading through news about one of their favourite bands, Panic! At the Disco.
In their defence, they weren't teenyboppers. They had been at one point in their life, but had since moved on. They were now at the respectable ages of 23 and 25, and lived in a moderately sized apartment near Danielle's Alma Mater, Arizona State University. The two had been planning on moving, but refused to break their lease, so were stuck in the hellish temperatures of Arizona until late fall. They were using this time to sort out their lives, seeing as how Danielle had just obtained her bachelor's degree and was trying to figure out what to do with it, and Nikol was just trying to figure out where her wanderlust would place her next.
It wasn't their intent to find a solution to their problems that night, but it just so happened that way. Splashed across the home page of the website was an advertisement for the band's upcoming tour of their second album. It boasted that the tour manager was holding open auditions for performers for the tour. Of course they would still be using the Cirque, but they were looking for original performers with unique talents to join the Cirque for the main leg of the tour.
After giggling at the idea, the two girls opened and split a bottle of chardonnay. In their half drunk stupor they thought it would actually be a good idea to try out. Nikol had an intense gymnastic background, and Danielle had been a baton twirler for years. She had actually been the feature twirler for her marching band in both high school and college, and had been helping her mother teach local kids for three years. Nikol on the other hand had stopped competing years ago, but had never lost her passion. And had it not been for the wine that had been a graduation gift, neither of the girls would have found themselves in the gym at ASU the next day with an iPod and speakers, getting back into shape and crafting the routines that would change their lives.
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